This is the rest of the April Photos

Roxy weaving her babies (chickens) a nest.

Myles and mummy chomping fish.

Myles and mummy chomping mangoes.


A big storm coming in from Modor.

Don’t photo meeeee!!!!!!!

I need to chop wood now

Making coconut milk with dad

Gotta keep my ‘sharp thing’ sharp!

We cut Myles hair while he slept. I asked him about it when he woke up. “Yeah, Nonna cut my hair daddy”.
Can you tell that this girl had been cajoling her chickens into laying for quite a while?

We’re real farmers now!

Making sawali (translates to “smashed bamboo”) panels
Keeps the rain out not.

And a detail shot!

The lonely fisherman…

…The sly fisherman.

…And Mackie, the local who actually knows his stuff and catches all the fish!

This is a modest catch but my god it tastes good!

Diana with a carp.

Sisters together.

The city girl tackles the country.

A water buffalo drowned crossing the river. ‘Twould be a true tragedy not to eat him!


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