Good Morning

we’re stuck in the city because of flooding, staying at my Nanay’s (Grandma’s) house.  Her house isn’t finished yet, there is no water and no electricity, should make us feel right at home, but  ‘there is no place like home’.

The sun on my face wakes me up, i crawl out of bed and sneak out for the mosquito net, how many minutes do i have before Myles wakes up?
I have just enough time to go to the toilet. there is no door so i weigh up whether i’ll bother pulling the heavy tin roofing over the doorway, Nanay and her 2 nephews are awake and bustling around so i figure i’d better.

Myles walks out of the bedroom yelling, but not upset.
      ‘wake daddy up! wake daddy up!’ – obviously he’s tried already with no success.
I pull up the mozzie net, happy to oblige, Julz is the only person in the house left asleep, and i selfishly want his company with my coffee.
I run my hand down his bare back and kiss his shoulder, but he doesn’t budge, it’s okay, i didn’t really expect him to. Myles had already tried giving him some whacks, i need to pull out the big guns.
I kiss the side of his neck, just below his ear where it tickles, and i put all my weight on him, he turns over and puts his arms around me.  Now that i have his attention, i give him some business like pats on the chest.  His eyes open and i mouthe ‘wake up’ with my eyebrows raised and no hint of a smile – to let him know i really want him to get up.
He springs out of bed and goes to the toilet and is back inside in less than a minute making the coffees.

Myles is already playing outside he’s made a cubby house out of construction material.
The street is bustling, school starts early here. there are mamas chatting with little ones on their hips, tricyles meandering past, men on motorbikes buying ciggarettes from the tindahans (shops) and talking to friends over front gates, dogs sniffing around and a young girl selling fish out of a bucket.
Nanay is dictating from her chair as her nephews cook breakfast.
julz and i sit outside on the curb with our coffee.
its a good morning.


Winning Days

Since we got here, and also before we left, I felt significant pressure to achieve something with our trip. It was a difficult feeling to pin down. I felt that if we came home too early, or if we didn’t end up doing much of what we said we would do, then people would laugh about my pie in the sky ideas which failed to eventuate.
My sister came to visit, and she was so impressed with what we were doing and how we were living. I didn’t realize how much I was craving some kind of validation.
The funny thing is, the hardest (scariest) part was all done months ago in Brisbane, when we quit our jobs sold everything we owned and bought one way tickets to a third world country. The moment we knew we would follow through with it, that was the moment that I am most proud of.
That is not to say that is has been downhill since. Far from it. We didn’t feel like we would stay a full year until things started getting easier in late May. But I have never come to such a big fork in the road of life and taken the  one less traveled.
I would urge anyone else facing something similar: never suppress the urge to dream, it can lead to some pretty amazing things.

July Photos

So we have had Anna and Yen come to visit so far. It was so lovely enjoying some familiar conversation. I’m currently stranded in the city due to flooding and itching to get back home… Meanwhile, here is the July to date:

I believe Myles has just discovered one of the true fine pleasures of life!

“Just what were you thinking Myles, when you shoved 6 chicks into a fish trap? Hmm?”

“It’s my birthday, thakyou nonna!”

“I’m captain hook!”

We went to a 25th wedding anniversary. It was a very big party. One cow and three 90kg pigs were eaten over the course of 3 days!

This was Uring, the hard working chef and husband of the said celebrations.

Myles and his birthday cake!
There were eight full size laundry tubs full of meat dishes! A truly massive feast!
Manila city @ Roxas boulevard.

My little man and my leading lady at Puerto Galera.

Photo Bomb! My sister with the uzi!

Photo backlog from June!

Finally bought an SD adapter card that lets me use my camera memory anywhere. By the way, anyone who wants to visit our tour the Philippines with us, start contacting us. We are fit, settled and happy to accommodation anyone who wants a week or two in the mountains. We’ll pick you up from manila and bring you trouble free to our doorstep.

Our beautiful niece.

Guess who loves icecream? Linuel does! In a country that has forgotten how to milk cows (thanks nestle), a real non skim milk powder ice cream can be a once in a childhood treat.

Myles caught and reeled this fella in all by himself!

Just a happy sunburnt scallywag.

Roxy slashing at the weeds. If only our tomatoes grew that fast too!

Rosie, out kalabaw.

Only in the philippines would you expect to have helium balloons delivered in an inflated state!

Roxy and her hard work paying off!

We found a wine bar!

Happy little man looking for crabs.

Lance aka…

Easy Rider!

Sweat, condensation, humidity. On a day like this the only cure is beer.

She is such a happy bubba.

Roxy doing the laundry in the city.

Myles and his cousins: The lost boys!

Its days like this that I really miss the office, NOT! Fishing in the pond

Wandering through the forest.

A long exposure shot of my crazy rocket stove!

This little fella joined me for a coffee one morning!

Funny looking fish in our sapa. What is it called Gareth?

One morning a bees nest came to visit for a few days. It was a truly magical spectacle. As you can see, Myles was quite mesmerized.

Nailing a roof onto the toilet shack.

Chopping wood!

yeah, more bullet points

hi all no photo’s again, sort of had to leave the house in a rush, don’t worry, its nothing that a week of metronidazole can’t fix.

anyway, its been great having julz’ sister Anna in town, looking forward to taking her to our little part of the country in a few hours. 

things that i’m majorly missing right now:

  • my baby chickies
  • counting the eggs in the nests everyday
  • my garden! (there were flowers on my tomatoe plants before we left.)
  • my friends in tarrogid
  • seeing how chuffed julz is with himself every time he brings wood back from the gubat (rainforest)
  • chopping wood (yeah, i love chopping wood, its my zen.)
  • forest mushroom omelet.
  • eating my husbands cooking.
  • finding worms for myles in the garden
  • sitting on our bridge fishing
  • our turtle bitey (named by myles)

anyway. gotta go find icing recipes, julz made me an oven out of scrap metal and i’ve baked 2 cakes in it. thanx sandi for texting us the cake recipes.

love and miss you all