No photos today.

No photos today, just think I’ll drop a few words. Maybe in bullet points.
Things that have made me think: “I must tell everyone back home bout this!”

  • It is very difficult at times, to work out if you are dealing with a difficulty caused by cultural difference, small town cultural difference or garden variety pigheadedness.
  • I feel pretty proud that I can drink the water here.
  • This country has horrific problems that will never be expressed in a blog. Buy me a few beers and give me a few hours and we could scrape the surface.
  • There are naughty kids and good kids in all cultures. I can’t say that there are more naughty kids here, because I only ever really met 2 or 3 of Myles peers in Australia. What is better? A multitude of poorly behaved peers, or only seeing kids your own age twice a week?
  • Being able to see Myles 24/7 (ie: no job) did not transform me into a super dad overnight who wanted to spend every moment with the little man. Mum is still the word! This surprised me a little.
  • We can comfortably survive on approximately 200 pesos per day in our household. This is frugality on a scale that we have never had thought possible.
  • When I consider the fact that we can leave whenever, I sadly realize that we will never share the same kinship that holds this little village together so tightly. We are the poseur Greek girl of ‘Common People’ and we can make a call to end it all at any time. So our trip adventure cannot pretend that it does not share at least some elements with ‘slum tourism’.
  • Every time I meet someone new, they ask how long we will stay. I still don’t know, but we are making longer and longer term plans each day.
  • People ask why we came here, my mother in law questions our sanity, we ask ourselves what it is that we are doing exactly and we don’t know. 
  • A bath in a river is better than a beer after a hard day’s work.

I have learned one very important lesson and I shall try to make it philosophical:
When faced with warm and humid weather (such as Brisbane or the Philippines) I would rather remove my shirt, than enter an air conditioned room.


This is the rest of the April Photos

Roxy weaving her babies (chickens) a nest.

Myles and mummy chomping fish.

Myles and mummy chomping mangoes.


A big storm coming in from Modor.

Don’t photo meeeee!!!!!!!

I need to chop wood now

Making coconut milk with dad

Gotta keep my ‘sharp thing’ sharp!

We cut Myles hair while he slept. I asked him about it when he woke up. “Yeah, Nonna cut my hair daddy”.
Can you tell that this girl had been cajoling her chickens into laying for quite a while?

We’re real farmers now!

Making sawali (translates to “smashed bamboo”) panels
Keeps the rain out not.

And a detail shot!

The lonely fisherman…

…The sly fisherman.

…And Mackie, the local who actually knows his stuff and catches all the fish!

This is a modest catch but my god it tastes good!

Diana with a carp.

Sisters together.

The city girl tackles the country.

A water buffalo drowned crossing the river. ‘Twould be a true tragedy not to eat him!

Early April

Been a while since we were in town! Here are the highlights from this month: 
Myles finds a mole cricket. We look it up in Sir David’s book the next day.

Myles was picking the ‘talboss’ leaves with his great grandma, Nanay. 

Myles and his pet fish, Misery.

All in a days work…

A responsible father dangling his son from a partially disassembled suspension bridge! 

Mackie had a little bird,
he tied it to a tree.
A pussy wandered past one day,
and chomped that sucker free!

The view from the office.