Julz has always called me a people watcher, but I think i’m more of a people basker.  I’ve always loved being among people, participating or not as I pleased. 

Nursing was a great way to fulfil this craving. Standing in the middle of a busy ward in the between shifts time, listening to the hustle and bustle.

A Dr on the phone next to me returning a page about chest pain; a nurse on the other phone trying to locate X-Rays; a social worker greeting an elderly patients family and leading them into the conference room; another patients family asking for directions to the lifts; the physio enthusiastically encouraging a stroke patient as he limps painfully slowly down the hallway; nurses gossiping about their crazy weekends or their kids. I love it! the noise, the movement, the dynamics. The squeals of laughter and the groans of pain.

But, I have to say, as much as I loved basking on a busy ward, I love basking in my family so much more.

The music is blaring the latest fad craze, played over and over again by JR and Jomar, teenage brothers. The ice cream man who comes by here every day to eat the noodle soup that my grandmother sells, does an impromptu dance by the side of his cart, the kids squeal with laughter. Maxuel and his classmate Baluyot are sitting on the terrace exchanging obscenities with 2 kids on the street who are waving a pink umbrella and pissing with intent to insult, rambutan skins are thrown. Nanay and her brother Lolo are having an animated discussion with 2 ladies selling lotto tickets about all the Evangelios on mindoro .
‘did you know Jasmine Evangelio? She died last month’
‘wasn’t she the sister of Ruddy who works at Ormico?’
Apparently in Baco, over half the population can claim the same last name as my grandmother. Nanay sees Maxuel running,
‘if you complain that your foot is sore later I’ll cut it off!’ he laughs and keeps running/limping in hot pursuit of the pink umbrella boys. There are 3 girls playing/arguing/squeeling over a game of elastic. A boy comes to buy some toron (banana wrapped in spring roll wrapper and deep fried). A basketball game is in full swing down the end of the street. The 3 girls burst into song. JR and Jomar come out of the kitchen with the latest batch of toron, including 1 that they have wrapped in writing paper trying to trick Nanay into eating it. Myles is arguing with Baluyot about the ownership of a toy rake in tagalog.
‘akin yan!’ (that’s mine).

Listening to everything happening around me and feeling happy to be here.
Just basking.


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