Wet, Wet, Wet

It is very rainy at the moment. Very, very wet.
We are stuck in the city of Batangas a whole island north of our poor little home. The ferries are not running because of typhoons and storms. In fact, when we arrived at the port a few days ago, the catamaran had capsized overnight at the moorings! My Kuya (brother)  Bong says: “If it is raining, don’t ride the catamaran, if the coconut trees are shaking in the wind, don’t even get on a boat!” Plus we almost got tipped into a river when we tried to cross on a water buffalo cart a week ago. Poor Yen and Josh, our visitors, had all their luggage soaked through!
This weather means we probably won’t come into town very frequently. Lots of bartering with neighbors and everyone just trying to get by on low supplies. Sweet potatoes and lentil curries galore. And eggs, lots of eggs.
After 2 months of very little rain, the land has wasted no time soaking up the water. There is an abundance of  green. We also have so many frogs jumping out of the grass every time we go for a walk. I’ve worked out how to catch them with a torch, won’t be long before we try some frog leg soup I reckon.
The local indigenous kids from the mountain tribe of Mangyans showed us how to catch and grill dragonflies. Myles scoffed them down quick smart! They taste like nutty fried fish. I’ve fashioned a net of of a light mesh bag and a long bamboo pole and we catch them for a snack of just the pure fun of it. I think they should make some excellent live fishing bait too!
I’m kicking around the idea of seeing the smashing pumpkins while I’m stuck close to Manila. We’ll see…


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