Good Morning

we’re stuck in the city because of flooding, staying at my Nanay’s (Grandma’s) house.  Her house isn’t finished yet, there is no water and no electricity, should make us feel right at home, but  ‘there is no place like home’.

The sun on my face wakes me up, i crawl out of bed and sneak out for the mosquito net, how many minutes do i have before Myles wakes up?
I have just enough time to go to the toilet. there is no door so i weigh up whether i’ll bother pulling the heavy tin roofing over the doorway, Nanay and her 2 nephews are awake and bustling around so i figure i’d better.

Myles walks out of the bedroom yelling, but not upset.
      ‘wake daddy up! wake daddy up!’ – obviously he’s tried already with no success.
I pull up the mozzie net, happy to oblige, Julz is the only person in the house left asleep, and i selfishly want his company with my coffee.
I run my hand down his bare back and kiss his shoulder, but he doesn’t budge, it’s okay, i didn’t really expect him to. Myles had already tried giving him some whacks, i need to pull out the big guns.
I kiss the side of his neck, just below his ear where it tickles, and i put all my weight on him, he turns over and puts his arms around me.  Now that i have his attention, i give him some business like pats on the chest.  His eyes open and i mouthe ‘wake up’ with my eyebrows raised and no hint of a smile – to let him know i really want him to get up.
He springs out of bed and goes to the toilet and is back inside in less than a minute making the coffees.

Myles is already playing outside he’s made a cubby house out of construction material.
The street is bustling, school starts early here. there are mamas chatting with little ones on their hips, tricyles meandering past, men on motorbikes buying ciggarettes from the tindahans (shops) and talking to friends over front gates, dogs sniffing around and a young girl selling fish out of a bucket.
Nanay is dictating from her chair as her nephews cook breakfast.
julz and i sit outside on the curb with our coffee.
its a good morning.


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