Winning Days

Since we got here, and also before we left, I felt significant pressure to achieve something with our trip. It was a difficult feeling to pin down. I felt that if we came home too early, or if we didn’t end up doing much of what we said we would do, then people would laugh about my pie in the sky ideas which failed to eventuate.
My sister came to visit, and she was so impressed with what we were doing and how we were living. I didn’t realize how much I was craving some kind of validation.
The funny thing is, the hardest (scariest) part was all done months ago in Brisbane, when we quit our jobs sold everything we owned and bought one way tickets to a third world country. The moment we knew we would follow through with it, that was the moment that I am most proud of.
That is not to say that is has been downhill since. Far from it. We didn’t feel like we would stay a full year until things started getting easier in late May. But I have never come to such a big fork in the road of life and taken the  one less traveled.
I would urge anyone else facing something similar: never suppress the urge to dream, it can lead to some pretty amazing things.


6 thoughts on “Winning Days

  1. Hey Julz, Roxy and Myles!Loved all the photo's, it looks like you keep yourself very busy and from what I have seen your new home looks great as well!How far away is your home from the City? I think there would be a fair few people that are very impressed with what you guys have achieved (especially me). I have to agree that quitting your job and buying the one way ticket would have been the hardest, knowing that your leaving a lot behind and not knowing what your going into. Not everyone can do that, especially moving to a third world country! I would like to go to the Phillipines one day and if I do I will defiantly be in contact with you! You will need to show me that place that sells 250 types of beer!! (Badger sent us your email about it haha) Keep up the good work guys!aimee

  2. depends on what your dreams are, I for one dream of unaided flight, but if i attempt it, i would surely die, therefore i will not be following this dreamalso, awesome that you are doing this…also, I kinda miss seeing you through the door at work sometimes.keep being awesome, Rolando

  3. aaawwwwwww Shortie and Julz, you have no idea how you inspire others. Doing what you did, made me so proud and when i get scared of the things i want to do and the changes i want to make….. seeing how happy and brave you guys are helps me ignore the all the doubters and just do it….. give it a crack and remember paying bills but not living is so not what i want out of life.My new moto is "but does it make you want to sing?"and i am adding that to every idea, from now on every item, every idea every dream will i hope be only things that make me so happy i smile and sing.NEVER regret the things you both do, only regret the things you weren't brave enough to try… smile and sing love you both Kylie šŸ™‚

  4. hey!why don't you come for a visit? we'd love to have you, surely you've got some holidays coming up.i'm not going to say i miss work, coz i don't (haha)but i will say that it was always nice to see you through the doors at work too, it always brought a smile to my face and an attempt to get your attention so i could stick my tongue out at you.rox

  5. i'm totally stealing your motto. ha! i love it.thanks for all the encouragement, we love hearing about how awsome we are. haha;you've done some amazing things too, and i'm so proud of you heapsrox

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