Photo backlog from June!

Finally bought an SD adapter card that lets me use my camera memory anywhere. By the way, anyone who wants to visit our tour the Philippines with us, start contacting us. We are fit, settled and happy to accommodation anyone who wants a week or two in the mountains. We’ll pick you up from manila and bring you trouble free to our doorstep.

Our beautiful niece.

Guess who loves icecream? Linuel does! In a country that has forgotten how to milk cows (thanks nestle), a real non skim milk powder ice cream can be a once in a childhood treat.

Myles caught and reeled this fella in all by himself!

Just a happy sunburnt scallywag.

Roxy slashing at the weeds. If only our tomatoes grew that fast too!

Rosie, out kalabaw.

Only in the philippines would you expect to have helium balloons delivered in an inflated state!

Roxy and her hard work paying off!

We found a wine bar!

Happy little man looking for crabs.

Lance aka…

Easy Rider!

Sweat, condensation, humidity. On a day like this the only cure is beer.

She is such a happy bubba.

Roxy doing the laundry in the city.

Myles and his cousins: The lost boys!

Its days like this that I really miss the office, NOT! Fishing in the pond

Wandering through the forest.

A long exposure shot of my crazy rocket stove!

This little fella joined me for a coffee one morning!

Funny looking fish in our sapa. What is it called Gareth?

One morning a bees nest came to visit for a few days. It was a truly magical spectacle. As you can see, Myles was quite mesmerized.

Nailing a roof onto the toilet shack.

Chopping wood!


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