July Photos

So we have had Anna and Yen come to visit so far. It was so lovely enjoying some familiar conversation. I’m currently stranded in the city due to flooding and itching to get back home… Meanwhile, here is the July to date:

I believe Myles has just discovered one of the true fine pleasures of life!

“Just what were you thinking Myles, when you shoved 6 chicks into a fish trap? Hmm?”

“It’s my birthday, thakyou nonna!”

“I’m captain hook!”

We went to a 25th wedding anniversary. It was a very big party. One cow and three 90kg pigs were eaten over the course of 3 days!

This was Uring, the hard working chef and husband of the said celebrations.

Myles and his birthday cake!
There were eight full size laundry tubs full of meat dishes! A truly massive feast!
Manila city @ Roxas boulevard.

My little man and my leading lady at Puerto Galera.

Photo Bomb! My sister with the uzi!


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