yeah, more bullet points

hi all no photo’s again, sort of had to leave the house in a rush, don’t worry, its nothing that a week of metronidazole can’t fix.

anyway, its been great having julz’ sister Anna in town, looking forward to taking her to our little part of the country in a few hours. 

things that i’m majorly missing right now:

  • my baby chickies
  • counting the eggs in the nests everyday
  • my garden! (there were flowers on my tomatoe plants before we left.)
  • my friends in tarrogid
  • seeing how chuffed julz is with himself every time he brings wood back from the gubat (rainforest)
  • chopping wood (yeah, i love chopping wood, its my zen.)
  • forest mushroom omelet.
  • eating my husbands cooking.
  • finding worms for myles in the garden
  • sitting on our bridge fishing
  • our turtle bitey (named by myles)

anyway. gotta go find icing recipes, julz made me an oven out of scrap metal and i’ve baked 2 cakes in it. thanx sandi for texting us the cake recipes.

love and miss you all


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