Our Location is:

N 13.195
E 121.140278

Check it out on google maps. Apparently there is not much resolution at that location though. Here is some more photos. Our house will be getting a pump by this time tommorrow, which is why I happen to be in the city. We’re having some minor contractor teething issues, but no massive dramas. By the end of the week we will have a modest house, an outhouse, a guest house and bridge to fish from. All for the princely sum of 1500 bucks!

These things are huge!

A tabby in a paddy!

Myles playing host to a bunch of buddies!

House frame, climbing frame. Not much difference really? Myles agrees!

I fried him an egg, turned around and he had dropped off like a log!

Myles… Well… He’s stuffing a puppy headfirst into my shoe.


Myles and daddy having a morning shave. It was surprisingly easy without a mirror!


4 thoughts on “Our Location is:

  1. Jules these photos are amazing! I especially like the one of Myles falling asleep. I had a dream I was baby sitting Myles the other day and woke up so happy. I miss you guys badly!

  2. Hey Anna,I splashed out on a powershot s100 before we left singapore. It was a little steep, but the manual controls have been really fun. I like to go wandering in the rainforest and look for bugs and stuff.I hope you can visit soon! It is a world away from the world! Imagine if the Gold Coast was the only place to get internet or electricty!

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