We’re back!

The morning view

Walking down the rice dykes

Hi everybody!
Sorry for being away for so long! It was just so much fun we didn’t want to come back to the city. Our farm is 3 hours off road from civilization, so we try to limit our trips (they are long and bumpy!) I’m going to let the photos do the talking:

A nice view from where I pump water each day.  The peak is 2500m. I plan to climb it next year, any takers?

This is the river that separates us from the road to civilisation. There had not been much rain for a few weeks when we first arrived. If you look closely you can see the rock throwing critter. It is not a native species to this region, but it appears to be thriving well.
But when it rains, it pours!
Our rainforest is on the left in this shot. Some scallywags had taken to slashing  and burning it  to make room  for  a  maize patch.
A dreadful misunderstanding lead to a ferngully incident. Our contractor for our house proceeded to clear the biggest and best trees to make our house. This was the most beautiful tree that was on the land.

Sunshine… on my window.. makes me happy…


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