Our foraging adventures

We are living on around 3 or 4 bucks a week when we’re out in the bush. All of the veges grow themselves.  You don’t have to walk far either. This is the best of the local fare:

This is a bale of chaff from the rice harvest less than 5m from our kitchen

Peel back a layer of straw and gather some mushrooms
Get somebody to sort the chaff from the good stuff
Voila! They taste very similar (if not better) to the ones from the farmers markets in Brisbane
The darker ones on the right have a meatier texture. They  come from rotting vegetation in the bukit (rain forest).
Freshwater clams from our pond. Limitless supply. They marinate beautifully.

Our neighbour, Mackie, is preparing some gabi. Gabi is a super food. All of  the plant is eaten! The root tuber is like potato, great in curries. The stem has a similar texture to pak choy stem, but a much more neutral flavour. The leaves are my favourite, they taste like spinach and make a real mean ginger curry with coconut milk (coconut milk pretty much falls                      out of the sky here!).

This is called pako. It is the baby shoots from  a species of fishbone fern  that grows like a weed here. They are awesome in stir frys and coconut milk dishes. Crunchy and fresh!

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