Misc Photos

Before I leave, I’m just posting all the other photos i couldn’t really categorize. Leave us a message and I promise to reply next time (in a few weeks).

My little man picking mushrooms with us.

Home sweet home

Beer comes in 1L bottles only. It is 6.9%.  It costs 55p ($1.15 AUD)

I love my camera.

This is me in my farmer outfit. I need a flannel shirt maybe.  And a piece of grass hanging out of my lip.

The egg in the bottom left corner was laid as I was waiting in line to pay. Pretty fresh produce!


2 thoughts on “Misc Photos

  1. Wow what a way of life!You dudes are thriving on it. It's excellent doing what you love, just like i am. Drafting box culverts all day. I think i'm taking crazy pills!!Full on respect to you. Myles looks like hes having heaps o fun. And i know how much that means to you.Happy Easter!!Badgers oot.

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