Sir David would be proud!

In the middle of sterile, bug sprayed singapore, we found an genuine marvel of the microcosmos!
We had interupted the construction of a mud cocoon. Carefully breaking it open, we found green caterpillars in various degrees of well being. There was also a larvae of another insect, a wasp. Apparently, the wasp lays each egg in a chamber along with a few captive caterpillars for food when it hatches. Photos to follow!

This is what got our attention, a mud chamber with a paralysed caterpillar inside.  We carefully broke it open to reveal….

Some rather unfortunate caterpillars who will be the first meal for the wasp contained in the egg (looks like a yellowish rice grain).
The fat larvae on the right has finished all his food, the one on the left has 1.5 caterpillars left.  Its all a bit morbid, but Myles was fascinated of course!

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