One thousand words at a time- Kuala Lumpa and Penang

So, yes we have no photos from my crazy side trip through Malaysia and Thailand. It seems that what happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand. (Just as well hey?)

For those of you who didn’t know, I decided to fly ahead of Roxy and Myles and enjoy a little sightseeing with my good mate Adam. The idea being, to see a side of south east Asia that might be a little inaccessible when caring for a two year old. I had an absolute blast. Many thanks to my lovely wife for such a generous offer to look after Myles for a whole week by herself. Thanks are also given to my awesome guide and excellent company, Adam. Kept me out of unwanted trouble and helped me find plenty of the right kind of trouble too!

First stop was Kuala Lumpa. Nothing of interest to report. Maybe that is a little harsh, but it was too difficult to get around and interesting things were far and few. Reminds me of Manila more than anything else.

Funny story #1- Cultural insensitivity
I walk into bottle shop. Wowweee! Beer is cheap again (I had been in Singapore for two and a half weeks remember?).
“Can we drink these while we walk around town?”
Dodgy looking guy: “Sure”
“Kay, I’ll have one for me and my good mate and we’ll stroll around town”
 15mins later…
Julz:       “I’m getting some wierd looks Adam”
Adam:   “Me too. I think it might be because we are drinking beer in the middle of an Islamic night market .
That sound you hear is prayer coming from the mosque.”
Julz:      “Oh, perhaps we should get rid of these.”
Adam:   “Yeah, lets do that.”


2 thoughts on “One thousand words at a time- Kuala Lumpa and Penang

  1. Haha, I went to Kuala Lumpa via thailand, I think your right, there is nothing overly interesting and its a dry country = very hard/expensive to buy alcoholHope to hear lots more funny stories!

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