just a day in a new life

having breakfast by the pool, something we do pretty much every morning, poached eggs on toast or rice, while myles runs around having a blast and getting his feet wet.

these are the chicos that i couldn’t walk past. when i couldn’t find any that were ripe i have to admit that i wailed! the vendor took pity on me and dug through his boxes and gave me a ripe one for free!

I have no idea where in Singapore we are, except that we got off the train station at Bugis and started to follow the crowd, this is my first coconut since arriving in singapore (in friggin ages actually) and it was sweet, cool, and delicious. no hammock though. oh well, i’m working on it. also, myles loved the juice but not the flesh.

here is a human statue, he has a little toy bird in his hand that moves when he does the whole coming to life thing. Myles thought it was pretty cool. we ended up walking to Sim Lim Square, technology central, and little india for lunch and indian food. Great day all round.
waiting for the train, on the way home.


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