A dark side of Singapore

Have been hearing some heartbreaking stories of maid abuse. Not from reports, but first hand. There is a second class citizen population subjected to some appalling working conditions.

“I had a friend on the second floor. I was working on the third floor.  
During morning and lunch, I didn’t get anything to eat.  My friend often 
gave me food.  I would pull food up using yarn, my friend would help 
by pushing it with a mop.”

The gory details are in here: http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/singapore1205wcover.pdf


One thought on “A dark side of Singapore

  1. Hey guysHope you are having a great trip!That information about maid abuse is so terrible. I couldn't imagin how hard for them it must be, especially having to give more money then what they earn to a government fund. How are they expected to live! Anyway keep the photos coming!Bet your not missing work at all hahaaimee

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