Fishing in Singapore (Its just like Zelda!)

There is a pond near our house that is pretty similar to the one in Mt Coo-tha botanical gardens and you can fish there (for a price)!

This miserable fish was sunburnt!

With the population of Singapore being so high, intensive living leads to intensive recreational fishing. Essentially there are subdivided ponds ranging from very large (1 acre) to very small (2m by 3m).
At the small end of the scale it could hardly be called fishing. For $45 you are given a rod, a bucket of live prawns and all you can catch in 3 hrs. The fish are BIG. Some guys were hauling in one every half an our or so.

Checking out the booty of our more successful neighbours

Once every so often an attendant will walk past one of the holding tanks full of full grown fish, dip his net and proceed to dump a few dozen fish into each fishing area.
Despite the odds being stacked heavily in our favour, we caught nothing after 2 hours of mucking around.

“Fish daddy! Big ones!”

Some moron (me) got the brainwave of emptying the bag of live prawns in the laundry bucket that we brought with us. They might has well have been grasshoppers! For the next 15 minutes, high pitch squeals of excitement could be heard for miles away as 3 children scrambled to catch all the ‘naughty’ prawns and contain them to the bucket! The only thing louder than the kids, were the locals. I don’t think they had seen such a spectacle in a long time.

The great (bait) escape
I have a prawn!

After 2 hours and 1 broken line from a fish that “ate the hook”, we were bored. But luck delivered. A giant red fish (don’t ask me what kind) had gone lame and blind. It was making its way miserably around the perimeter of the pond. The park attendant fished it out with a net and dumped it unceremoniously on the grass. Its final moments were spent being prodded with various sticks by 3 curious kids who also tried to feed it grass. We were told we could take it home. It went down a treat along with a Tom Yum soup made from the rest of the bait!

“Its popping like popcorn” said Myles  when carrying home the loot

Bringing home the bacon

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