love and hate about singapore so far.

of course i love that my family is here mummy, sister diana 9yrs old, brother patrick 8yrs old. i also love the food! have only been here for a day and a half and have eaten my favorite philo foods (thanx mum) and have also had BBQ stingray, steamed sea bass, lamb curry, spicy fish curry, kang kong stirfried, bean salad, mongosteens and ya pears. i’ve also noticed that there are no fat people, julz and i are yet to see someone who would be classified as obese, with all the food i’m eating, maybe i’ll be the first.

there are also so many things nearby, a shopping mall just accross the street, a man made fish pond for fishing, a mangrove walk, parks, a comunity garden and beaches all walking distance away, a place the same as wet and wild, a playground just outside our door, and a swimming pool just a bit further, another shopping mall and library, everything just walking distance.

i also love chinatown and little india.

that is all for now.


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