safe and sound

just wanted to let everyone know that we have arrived in singapore, got here in the wee hours of the morning, knocking on random strangers doors because i had forgetten that mum had moved within her apartment complex, walked through the door to find a note from my sister to ‘please wake her up with kisses’ which i was happy to oblige.

neither julz nor i have had a full nights sleep between us, but we have had a lovely walk through the parks and gardens near my mums house. myles meanwhile was the perfect flyer, sleeping almost the entire plane ride, even though i had to prop him up in his own seat for most of the journey, we are now all lazing around, myles has had heaps of food and is now getting a foot rub, spoilt brat. speaking of which we are getting my favourit philo food for lunch.

i’m just about ready to pass out. but i thought that i would let the world know first that not only are we safe and sound. we are happy.


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