Been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly on sustainable agriculture.

What would happen if all the smart uni graduates became farmers?
From what I understand, the majority of farmers follow a monoculture (one giant crop) method of farming. This situation rarely happens in nature. Usually you have all sorts of different species, flora and fauna living together in any given space. As a result a lot of effort is required to keep a monoculture healthy and yielding.
The idea of permaculture is to put things together that require each other. Instead of seeing chickens and corn for example, you need to examine all the different interactions between the chickens and the corn plant.

  • The chicken pecking at insects (good)
  • The chicken digging up small corn plants (bad)
  • The chicken manure fertilizing the corn crop (good) as well as many others
By viewing a system in terms of partnerships and interactions between elements, the system requires less external input and work, existing primarily on the energy of the sun. It would be super exciting to create a mini ecosystem that provided for us and required no additional inputs other than maintenance. It would be like a perpetual motion machine driven by solar power!
One of my colleagues at work was remarked that they could not do what I was doing because they would get bored from not using their brain enough.
I wonder if I will be able to keep myself busy enough to stay stimulated?

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