How to deal with nagging doubts…

Obviously there are moments, fleeting moments, where I think perhaps we are crazy.
Then I saw this picture today:

I’m going to build an house with my two hands, put a roof over my loved ones. And that house will be our home.
You may question the structural viability of the shack in question. As do I question my sanity. But I think we’re gonna be fine.
We are planning things as much as we can. From experience, plans in the Philippines tend to be as useless as battle plans in the middle of a skirmish. We have a fairly good idea of why we are going and what we will do when we get there. We have numerous plan B’s. Actually we almost have a whole alphabet!

Alternative plans if the farm ain’t much fun.

  • Volunteer for a year or two in the Visayas (middle islands of P’pines)
  • Live closer to civilization next to Roxy’s brother and his kids (all Myles’ age)
  • Decide to come home sooner and burn cash on a tour of Asia
  • Ditto, but on a bicycle tour around P’pines
  • Come home with our tail between our legs and happy to be home sweet home?
Some of these things I’d like to do in addition to living on the farm, but our main goal is to live off the land and treat Myles to all the wonders of a childhood in the jungle.

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