The Filo Party

We all went to a Filipino party tonight, I was looking forward to it because Myles is now old enough to enjoy playing with other kids so in essence this was to be his first real Filipino party.

As a child I went to many many many Filo parties and I have extremely fond memories of them, stuck-in-the-mud, pirates, cushion forts and tag were just a few of the children coordinated games that were enjoyed.
At this party though, there was no play.
There were many many kids, and there was a fair amount of running room, and there were some great nooks and crannies to explore, but not once did I have to side step a speeding group of children, or help up a kid who had taken a fall, or get used as a shield in a pirate battle, or cover my ears to the sounds of hysterical laughter and yelling.
It didn’t take very long to realize what had changed.
Every child at that party between the ages of two and ten held an iphone, their little fingers expertly brushing across the screens.
I want a better life for my son.

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