Projects for the new world

Duck-Rice-Tilapia-Azolla-Duckweed farming.

Once we get the handle on farming a lowland paddy for a few seasons, I’m pretty keen to start experimenting with ducks rice and fish. Apparently introducing ducks to the paddies is mutually beneficial if you do it at the right time and age, the ducks eat all the weeds for food! You can introduce Tilapia to the waters and the duck poo feeds algae which are eaten by the fish. In theory it is a fairly closed system which has way more output for the land use. Plus the idea of 120 baby ducklings is just to cute to believe!

Solar power

Turns out my mother has not even heard of solar power being used in the proviences. Everybody runs 2 stroke generators. I wanna set up a 12V DC system to run lights, pumps and incubators. Our little net book will need charging along with our cameras. Blogging will happen on the farm, but we’ll need a trip to the town to post it all. There is no running water or electricity. I think we will make do with two clay pots for a low tech fridge.


Preserving food is going to be a learning experience. So is building a stove. Salting meats will be interesting too. Chicken + axe = dinner!


This is one of the biggest reasons we are moving there for a while. You simply cannot find a house in the inner suburbs for rent that will let you have a pet, let alone chickens and a full yard of vegies. I’m dreaming of a Garden of Eden paradise with edible morsels galore. The reality will probably have a lot more bugs and mozzies that what I envision. I want Myles to learn how long it takes to grow foods and to realize that endless rows of immaculate produce at Coles and Woolies is very far removed from the reality of nature.


Pigs, goats, caribou, chickens, ducks, quail, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats (for the rats) and fish and maybe even a horse. Our plan is to get one of everything, sell or eat what is too much trouble and get more of the ones we like. Myles will be beside himself. He was glowing with fascination over a ladybug this morning. If we can imprint some ducklings on him, he will have a little troop of quacking and crapping waddlers following him everywhere!


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