So it turns out we are buying a farm after all!

The timeline of our trip so far:

· Lets get the hell out of this oversized country town.

· 5k savings plus whatever we get for selling our car will be enough.

· There is land with no house near where we were married (Philippines), lets go there.

· We’ll go for one year.

· Screw it, lets plan not to come back for now.

· Hey, Roxy’s mum wants to buy a farm. Lets be rice farmers!

· We could get ducks!

At this point Bernadette (my mother in law) travelled to the Philippines to check out 12.5ha of farmland and lowland (floodable) rice paddies. She called us a week later and reported that unfortunately the land was no good and cited a bunch of reasons. We were somewhat disappointed. I really like the idea of being a farmer. Whether I like being a farmer remains to be seen. I must buy some flannel shirts when I get there; I’ve always liked flannel shirts. And I’ll get me one of those pointy hats that you see in clichéd Vietnam War movies.

So we were upset that we weren’t going to get a farm, but it turns out that Bernadette was telling Roxy all the bad things about the place loudly over the phone in front of the land seller. Sly move. Now the negotiating price is significantly lower. This tactic has me impressed with her craftiness and somewhat terrified because she is my mother in law and she has a somewhat unpredictable nature. Awesome when she’s on your side of course, but god save your soul if you cross her.

I’m impatiently waiting for photos of the farm which I will post up here as soon as we get em.

But apparently there is a tiny cubby house made of bamboo. No electricity, no running water. There is a strong river nearby that comes off the mountain and is drinkable. This would be awesome. Will have to investigate clay water filters though.

Stay tuned for an ambitious post about all the things that I plan to do when we are there. Should be a laugh to look at in 2 years time and see how much actually got done!


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