Reasons we are leaving Brisbane

I thought some bullet points would make it easier to convey why we are skipping town:

  • I was informed that I would need to schedule a play date if Myles wanted to play in the yard of the neighbour directly opposite our house. This conversation was taking place over the fence as we held our respective children. What was wrong with right now? I don’t have a smart phone to keep track of ridiculous things like this.
  • My will to live is being slowly rapidly eroded at work. I think its a combination of air-conditioning and lack of sunlight. I just cannot handle an office. The only thing I look forward to is stationary. And coffee. My life is Dilbert.
  • We are spending too much time in the car.
  • Brisbane is beginning to feel like Singapore. They ban jaywalking. Then someone erects a glass sliding door complete with fencing to thwart jaywalking. Whats next? Mandatory pedestrian helmets? Jogging permits? Breathing lessons?
  • Chances are Myles will go to school when he is five. He is now two point five. We have only two point five more years before we have to be “sensible”.
  • I want a huge garden with lots of animals. Ducks, pigs and fish. Brisbane is rather draconian when it comes to tenants and pets. Gardening is what I enjoy most at the moment, so I want to do more of it. What could go wrong?

I think that’s the most of it. I’ll write a list on what I’m going to miss about Brisbane another time.


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